... "Bosnia-Herzegovina, Rwanda, Darfur, Somalia, Amherst?" POEMS OF WITNESS AND WORTH? Emily Dickinson's poetry as included in The Rape and Recovery of Emily Dickinson, In Her Words, Poems of Witness and Worth? Absolutely implausible, improbable to say the least that Emily Dickinson, a nineteenth century New England poet, could be an advocate for women in the Congo in 2010! An Emily Dickinson poetry indeed does! "When a nearly universal experience of a woman being raped is the belief that she is going to die, ... "finds its ultimate expression in her poem "The Soul has Bandaged moments - ". "Warfare, global violence and domestic violence can barely be differentiated when the weapon as a phallus symbol becomes a phallus as weapon.".

Living up to its title "THE RAPE AND RECOVERY OF EMILY DICKINSON, IN HER WORDS, POEMS OF WITNESS AND WORTH" is a brave little book that reveals for the first time the identity of the poet's legendary "mystery lover" as the Hon. Edward Dickinson, the premier American poet's father. The narrative, a powerful
story told in her poems makes clear the tyrannical Edward Dickinson's
life time sexual violation of his daughter. In eighty-five poems of astonishing analysis, concise and astute, embodying rage as well as ecstasy, the truth is preserved and the poet's gorgeous sanity immortalized, in POEMS OF WITNESS AND WORTH.